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19 May, 2023

You’re engaged – woohoo! Now what? Once you have your wedding venue and date locked in, it’s time to look at all of the suppliers you’ll need to book in. A celebrant should be at the top of your list. You can’t get married without one, after all! So how do you go about choosing a celebrant and planning your ceremony?

Wedding directory Ivory Tribe has put together a great blog post that goes through exactly this. Read the full post or scroll down for a summary!

Your ceremony should reflect who you both are

It seems obvious, but your celebrant should help you plan a ceremony that is unique and personalised and just SO YOU. A quality celebrant will ensure your ceremony is anything but a standard, cookie-cutter template.

Ceremony options

You don’t need to walk down the aisle, sign paperwork halfway through ceremony or do anything else that doesn’t suit you as a couple. You don’t even need to have guests if you don’t want to!

One great tip is to consider each element of your ceremony, and ask yourself whether it is meaningful or important to you and your fiancé. If not, there’s a good chance it doesn’t need to be included. It’s about what YOU want.

Your celebrant should be able to talk you through all of this, offering other options and suggestions each step of the way until they’ve created a ceremony that you feel completely comfortable with (and excited about!).


Finding out about what makes you tick

Your celebrant will work closely with you to capture your story, guide you through the legal stuff and plan the perfect ceremony for you. As well as in-person, video and phone chats, you will be given some questionnaires to complete. Fret not – a good celebrant will be on top of it all and make sure nothing is missed!

On the day

On the day, your awesome, excited celebrant should turn up before the guests arrive. They’ll bring a good quality, battery operated PA and will be armed with the music you require for your ceremony. They’ll chat to the photographer and the videographer to make sure both know exactly what is going to happen in the ceremony and where everyone is standing, so they can get the absolute best shots for you (this usually means they will stand to the side for most of the ceremony, so you get perfect pics).

A great celebrant will also of course ensure that all parties are as relaxed as possible.

And finally, a quality celebrant will deliver a professional, stress free ceremony which you and your guests can relax and enjoy from beginning to end, knowing it is exactly the way you wanted it.

Want a celebrant who’ll help you plan a ceremony that authentically represents you as a couple? Check your date with me and let’s chat!

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