Are we a mutual good fit for your wedding? 3 criteria to help you decide!

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01 Mar, 2023

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life and hopefully the BEST party you’ll ever attend! You want to make sure you book in vendors that fit your vision, your personalities and styles and will be a joy to be around on your big day.

Equally, your vendors have limited availability, so want to make sure they’re working with couples that suit them too.

Below I’ve put together some key criteria to help you decide if I’m right to marry you and rock the music at your wedding!

1. Your priority is a fun, authentic and relaxed wedding

I’m not a fan of stuffy, formal and traditional weddings, particularly when couples are pressured into them. There is absolutely nothing fun about that.

If you want a wedding that is relaxed, fun, stress-free, authentically reflects you as a couple and really gets the positive party vibes going, I am in!

2. You want your wedding ceremony to be light-hearted and fun

My job as a celebrant is to capture your essence as a couple, tell your unique story in an engaging way and help you celebrate with your family and friends. Oh, and to get you legally married – DUH.

It is not, however, my job to offer my soppy thoughts on love and marriage. Ick. Or talk about anything God related, whatsoever (I’m an atheist, by the way).

3. Music is important to you… and you agree with #nomorenutbush

If you’ve checked out the purely DJ side of my business (One More Song), you’ll know that I have a strict no-ballads policy (your key songs are exempted from that!) and stay away from anything that’s cringe.

My couples don’t want any music that is reminiscent of a primary school disco, so anything with a choreographed dance is out. I’m looking at you, Nutbush, Macarena and the Chicken Dance (eww!).

What I do play are fun, tasteful, upbeat tunes, all within your music tastes and preferences. Learn more about what I play on my DJ mixes page!

Some resources to see me in action

If you want to get more of a sense of my personality and what I’ll look and sound like for your big day, check out the links below!

On the mic conducting a ceremony

I have a handy Instagram reel of me performing a mock wedding ceremony so you can see how I conduct myself and sound on the mic! You can watch it on Instagram here!

In conversation on my podcast

I co-host a fun wedding planning podcast with my life and business partner, Eddy! You can listen to all of the episodes on Apple Podcasts.

My energy behind the decks

I have plenty of videos of my DJing! Here’s one of a live stream I played with my partner Eddy during COVID lock downs.

I love the tunes in this one, just FYI!

If that all sounds and looks good, check your date to see if I’m available!

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Female Celebrant DJ MC Aleks Mac Photographed by Nikki McCrone

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